Arai Ezzra

CTO at DinarDirham

Arai Ezzra

CTO at DinarDirham


Arai Ezzra is a Founder of TWO companies which provide global IT solutions, FXBitLab Holdings Sdn. Bhd. (2014) and Blockchains Inc. (2016). He was born on 1st May, 1981 in Kuala Kangsar, Perak. Received his education at secondary level at Victoria Institution, Kuala Lumpur. Arai then pursued his study at YPM College, Kuala Lumpur and IKIP College, Kuantan. He then continued his tertiary education at UNITAR, Selangor.


Before having his own company, Arai started his career in 2003 as a Computer Programmer in a construction and engineering industry in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. After 3 years of service, he received an offer to work at an IT company in Ukraine via online. During his 6 years’ service in Ukraine ‘s company, he participated in major code and design reviews as well as assessing technology components and systems in which the company involved.


A year later, he moved to Bandung, Indonesia to be a System Developer Advisor at a forex broker company. With the substantial knowledge gained working with various companies and industries, Arai has returned to Malaysia (2014) to open his first company, FXBitLab Holdings Sdn. Bhd. located in Selangor, Malaysia.


FXBitLab Holdings Sdn. Bhd. (firstly known as VHarvest Sdn. Bhd.), founded in 2014, is a unique IT company conducting business worldwide. It operates by applying innovative technologies and capturing new opportunities for profitable growth. The company develops the latest technologies to provide its clients with the most efficient IT solutions.


In 2015, Arai Ezzra has been appointed as the Chief Technology Officer and Co-founder of Gold Prime Technology Limited based in Hong Kong. This is a global fintech company which provides online and physical gold, forex, and metal investment solutions worldwide. He involved in the development of the company’s products by adopting Ethereum blockchain. The company then opened its subsidiary in 2016 in Singapore named DinarDirham Pte. Limited.

Arai has initiated his interest in blockchain since 2013, during which this technology was fresh and to know people who develop a system using blockchain is impossible. Arai has been creating products and solutions for the companies he involved by using blockchain technology.


Arai also believes that blockchain has the potential to substitute the conventional database system that has been used all this while. It is a revolution in the financial industry. The emergence of blockchain is just like the internet. When the internet is initially introduced in the 1990s, people responded negatively. Back then, most of them could not accept the internet. But now, people cannot live without the internet. Blockchain is a phenomenon which is bigger than the internet. The internet is all about information, while blockchain is about assets and assets are what really make the world evolve. Blockchain is a tamper-proof, distributed electronic ledger that exists across a decentralized network.


To continue spreading his knowledge and interest in blockchain, Arai currently started another of his own company in Sabah named Blockchains Inc. After introducing the brand DinarDirham, Arai Ezzra has been known globally. He has had the opportunities to attend and participate in a number of blockchain events around the world.


In 2016, Arai spreads his knowledge and products on blockchain by attending three major blockchain events. They are the Blockchain: Money Conference in London, the Singapore Fintech Festival and the 2016 China Forex Expo in Shenzhen. In London, he presented about “Understanding the Southeast Asia Market”. He also presented DinarDirham as the Blockchain Solution for Gold during the event in Singapore. Arai has received his highest achievement so far, when DinarDirham is awarded as the “Most Innovative Gold Fintech Provider” at the 2016 China Forex Expo.


In 2017, Arai continues spreading his brand and knowledge to the United States of America by participating in the North American Bitcoin Conference in Miami speaking about “Crypto in the Southeast Asia”. His most recent event is the iFX EXPO Asia 2017 in Hong Kong, during which he conducted a workshop with title “BLOCKCHAIN, SOLUTION FOR GOLD” to give an introduction about gold and its weaknesses and the solutions provided by DinarDirham for now and the future.

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